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Capoeira coach

Capoeira is a Brazilian national martial art that combines elements of dance, acrobatics, games, and is accompanied by national Brazilian music. As a martial art, it includes the use of low positions, kicks, ankle trips and, in some kinds, many acrobatic tricks. Capoeira is an art form in which traditions determine the order of meetings, the appearance of the participants, music and certification of capoeirists.

Teaching children about capoeira is interesting for me in that I can develop a person in capoeira from a very young age, cultivate a love of sports, mutual respect, physical and spiritual development, as well as maintain and increase potential.

(ACMB) Associação de Capoeira Mestre Bimba, or the association. A founder is Mestre Bimba (Manuel dos Reis Mashadou), one of the two most respected masters in the history of Capoeira. The association preserves the heritage of Mestre Bimba, as well as developing capoeira around the world. The association schools are in Australia, Canada, the USA, Japan, Italy, Spain, Poland, Ukraine and Russia. The President of the Association is Mestre Bamba (Rubens Costa Silva). The main academy of the association is located on Sq. Pelourinho in Savior, Bahia, Brazil, where capoeira was given and developed by Mestre Bimba. The ACMB is a classic regional style. Upper elements, a dense game involving straight blows, quick movements, upper acrobatic elements. Accordingly, in addition to mastering and practicing the elements of capoeira, training is directed to the physical development (strengthening of the muscles of the back, abs, legs) necessary for the regional style elements. It’s also worth noting that training includes the basics of acrobatics.

First of all, for children, Capoeira Regional is the increasing of dexterity, strength, speed of reaction, flexibility, sense of rhythm, hearing, balance, cooperation and understanding with a partner.

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