For an active child, it is important to develop not only brain, but also a body. Moreover, a suitable exercise helps to build good posture and strengthen immune system. Capoeira training for children in “5GREEN Club” is not only useful, but also very interesting.

What is this martial art? This is a traditional Brazilian technique using acrobatic exercises and rhythmic music. That is, it is both a dance and a fight. Capoeira is considered to be ideal for children’s development, because it harmoniously involves all muscle groups, while developing a sense of rhythm, staying power, ear for music and discipline. Such exercises are ideal for boys and girls, especially strengthening the muscles of the body, which help to keep good posture and improve coordination.

  • Schedule: Tuesday, Thursday
  • Time: 17.30-18.15 (4-5 years old), 18.15-19.15 (5.5-7 years old)
  • Age: from 4 years old
  • Group: up to 10 people
  • Video surveillance: online
  • Cost: a trial class is free, a membership card for a calendar month is 5000 rubles, one-time visit is 750 rubles.

In our club, capoeira training is conducted by a professional coach who specializes in working with children. Do not worry if your kid has not visited any sports clubs before – the load is balanced so that each student can master the minimum necessary exercises. Each training begins with a warm-up, where all muscle groups are worked out uniformly to avoid injury. Children work out all further exercises under the supervision of a coach and are in safe.

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