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Mental arithmetic

Developing your child's intelligence and abilities

Mental arithmetic is a highly effective program for the development of thinking and intelligence, which has taught thousands of children to count in their heads faster than a calculator.

Mental arithmetic is a technique that teaches the most complex arithmetic operations in Japanese abacus.

The main goal of mental arithmetic is to use both hemispheres of the brain, to activate both logical and creative thinking.

  • Schedule: Tuesday / Friday
  • Lesson time: 18.15-19.10 (5-7 years old)
  • Age: from 5 years old
  • Group: up to 10 people
  • Video surveillance: direct transmission
  • Cost: a trial lesson is free, a subscription for 8 lessons for 1 calendar month costs 7000 rubles, a one-time lesson is 1100 rubles. Materials for classes are additionally purchased. The cost of the set is 1500 rubles.

How does it work?

Mental arithmetic helps train the neural connections of the child’s brain, develop the speed and quality of thinking.

How does this happen:

Development of the left hemisphere: stimulation of fine motor skills, illustration of the result of arithmetic operations.

Development of the right hemisphere: using the right and left hands equally, working in the mind with imaginary abacus.

Mental arithmetic develops:

– independent thinking

– photographic memory

– ability to analyze

– attentiveness

– intuition

– the most important is the skill of quick mental arithmetic, even with three-figures numbers

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