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Miss Elena

Chantal Stewart once said, “The most precious gifts you can give a child are roots to grow and wings to fly”. I firmly believe that children need to develop healthy strong roots in order for their wings to work effectively and successfully. They need the safety of a secure base and the confidence to expand beyond it. Self-esteem is at the core of this developmental process. When children feel good about themselves and their abilities, they are able to take flight and explore, discover and learn effectively and successfully. My teaching principles are rooted in Methodology which advocated active and interactive learning, balanced and child centered development. This approach helps to develop children’s mental, emotional, physical and spiritual growth as well as equip them with the necessary contemporary skills and knowledge to enable them to cope early with the demand of today’s challenging environment. For the past five years I have dedicated myself to the teaching of English. I have taught in 2nd Grade elementary classroom, K1&K2 International and Reception classrooms at Singapore International School. I have completed my Master’s Degree in Education and earned Cambridge International Certificate for Teachers and Trainers which focuses on facilitating active learning and reflecting on practice. I believe that teachers together with parents have important roles to encourage children to become active, life-long learners. I hope that we all can work together to ensure that each child is given the support they require. I am sure that we can make our school a better place for our students to learn and grow. Sincerely Yours, Ms. Elena