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Miss Julia

My name is Natalia Grishel. It all started when I had a great luck to be teaching music in International school to 3-6 years old not always English speaking kids. It wasn`t easy at the beginning, but how happy I was to notice at the end of the year the tremendous progress they`ve made not only in music, but surprisingly in English. That was the time when I started to think about the side effect in learning.

I better explain. Mentioning side effect in this context doesn`t mean anything we would try to avoid in classroom. On the opposite, it seems when we don`t assent on learning English as a goal, and are busy with some different exciting activities and having fun, the language stops being an abstract subject, it becomes a communicative tool, a rule of game.

So, what activities could help us to develop children`s language skills without pointing to it? Let’s start with music. It’s known that music and pitch development help a lot to form the proper intonation and phonetic awareness of the language. Crafts help to develop fine motors skills which affect the speech ability. We could go on with drawing and painting, modeling ect. Acting and planning, allow us to use the endless variety of situations, giving us a chance to practice expressions, lexical blocks, be introduced to rhymes and stories.

Joining TEYL course and getting e certificate (Teaching English to young and very young earners) helped me not only get introduced to some specific ways and methods of teaching preschool children. I had a chance to become aware of hundreds unique creative ideals and approaches my colleagues from all around the world use in their work. My education as a music teacher allows me to make our lessons colorful and emotional. We use lots of songs, sometimes classics, to make the lessons bright and appealing. At the moment, I am also joining a course of improvement of my professional skills in Moscow state University of Culture, Learning Social Pedagogy, trying to use every new knowledge to the good of my students.