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Miss Anna

We are all products of our childhood.

That’s why, I believe, we must do our best to give children as much as possible. 


I’ve always wanted to work with kids. After graduation Moscow State University of Railway Engineering I tried to work in the office with a computer and papers, but I realized that it does not give any pleasure. I remembered my childhood dream and decided to start all over again in the field of education. 

I took advanced training courses in the specialty “art therapy in preschool education”, now I am studying in the specialty “methodologist in preschool education” and am incredibly happy to be part of the bilingual garden team. 

Children are a constant source of energy and good mood.  Our task is to maintain their curiosity and help explore a new world that they have not yet studied.

We teach children letters, numbers, read, count and write, and children teach us sincerity, kindness, attentiveness and care.  It motivates me and gives me the opportunity to go to work with pleasure.