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Miss Tatiana

«You can teach a student a lesson for a day; but if you can teach him to learn by creating curiosity, he will continue the learning process as long as he lives.»

Clay P. Bedford



«Every student can learn, just not on the same day, or the same way.»

George Evans



For 5 years I was living, studying and working in California, in the beautiful city of Cupertino, which is located near San Francisco. A desire to teach children came to me through psychology. My choice to study psychology wasn’t spontaneous. I came to the United States with an experience of 4 years in The Russian State University for Humanitarians, where I majored in Liberal Arts: History of Theater and Movies and Theatrical Criticism.  At first, when I got accepted to college I’d chosen to major in Film and TV Production. American education system is very different from Russian. In the U.S. a student can practice knowledge that he has gained, which is crucial in understanding the reason you are learning the subject. When I started learning everything about movies, I realized that is not something that I’m passionate about; it’s just my hobby.  Moreover, for me, it is very important to do something meaningful, useful and valuable because without real commitment and love there is no way to attain happiness in our life. This is when I began exploring what I’m really passionate about. From that moment I started to study psychology and I devote a lot of time to studying children’s psychology to this day.

I’ve been working with kids for more than 4 years. I worked in the U.S. Day Care for several years and participated as organizator and entertainer in children's parties. Also, I was one of the founders of a start-up for children "OneTableAcademy" in San Francisco. The main task of the academy was to help kids show their feelings and emotions through creativity. We all know that in real life rare questions have one right answer, few problems have one right solution; that is why creativity is crucial to success in the real world. Children are our future and we should help them «bloom» to the fullest. I am convinced that our task is to invest all of our available resources (both physical and moral) in kids in order to create a necessary environment for their productive development. In my opinion, teaching children in a positive, kind, safe and friendly environment can help to evolve their communicative skills, bring up their self-confidence and erase borders and barriers on their path to new knowledge. I'm happy to be a part of our team and have a priceless opportunity to help develop children every day! Childhood is precious. Let's cherish it.


Miss Tatiana