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Adaptation in the kids’ club

A few tips to make the adaptation process easier for parents and children who have just started to attend a kids’ club or a kindergarten.


Tip No1 – A half of the day

Try not to leave your kid for a full day. For the first time it is better to take him away when he is not tired yet. Increase this period gradually.


Tip No2 – Personal hygiene rules

It is advisable to find out all the rules of the kindergarten, especially those related to personal hygiene. Try to do the same at home – then it will be easier for the child to get used to the requirements of the kindergarten. Be sure to leave a spare clothes and underclothes in the kindergarten so that, if necessary, the child can quickly change into clean and dry clothes.


Tip No3- food

Do not teach children to snack, but keep the diet. The child’s body gets used to snacks and in the kindergarten it may not be enough for him. The kid will feel discomfort, but will not be able to explain. Does the child eat by himself or does he need help? Use a spoon and fork confidently? Decide how much help you want from educators and teachers in this case. Share your expectations with people who will communicate directly with your kid.


Tip No4- Sleeping

Very often, parents are sure that the child does not need a daytime sleep, because you cannot make him sleep at home. In kindergarten, children sleep, because their life is much more dynamic and full, and after lunch, children are just exhausted.


Tip No5- Clothing

Clothes should be comfortable. Pay attention to the convenience of the fasteners. Let the little person feel comfortable and free, and let the clothes not be the subject of your regrets and claims.


Tip No6- Toys

Agree with your child that he can bring to kindergarten only those toys with which he is ready to share, and the loss or damage of which will not make him cry. Remember now we are adapting to kindergarten. This is already hard for your child, and he doesn’t need any extra shocks.


Tip No7- Separation

Separation with mom is an urgent issue for everyone. Many children cry when they leave. They have to be persuaded and distracted for a long time. A teacher will help you, but you can make the separation less painful. Find out how your child feels when you are away. If he quickly calms down, does not feel sad, then most likely the reason is in the ritual of separation. It is necessary to think up or change the ritual so that it is easier for the child to let you go.


Tip No8- Never lie to a child

Lying- even if you have changed plans – can be a very difficult truth for a child, shake his trust in you and undermine all efforts to successfully adapt in the kindergarten. Therefore, if you are not sure whether you will be able to fulfill your promise – it is better to take the child away earlier, without warning – this will be a pleasant surprise for him.


A kindergarten or a kids’ club is an important stage in a child’s life when he learns to communicate, behavior in a team, and interact with peers. It is highly undesirable to miss this stage: after all, then the child will have to master all the necessary social skills at school.

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