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How to keep the eyesight on distance learning? Ophthalmologist’s Recommendations.

Simple rules to keep kids’ eyesight.

1.A properly organized workplace. The monitor should stand at a distance of about 45-60 cm and be at eye level. In the afternoon, proper lighting is the natural light that falls on the left, and in the evening – a table lamp. It should only cover a notebook or book, but not a monitor. Otherwise, highlights will appear on the screen, which can make the eye muscles strain even more.
2. Breaks during classes. Every 20 minutes you need to pause for 20 seconds to look far away at 20 meters.
3. Do gymnastics for the eyes. Simple exercises will relieve stress and keep your eyes healthy. You can do it once a day during a break or at the end of classes.
• “Butterfly” – light, but frequent movements, we blink our eyes for about 20 seconds.
• “Funny watch” – we look right and left. You need to perform 20 repetitions with the even position of the head.
• “Hide-and-Seek” – we close our eyes tightly for about 5 seconds, and then we completely relax them.
• “Massage”. Close your eyes and stroke your eyelids with your fingertips.
4. Limit the time spent in front of the monitor. During distance learning, games on a phone or tablet are better to completely exclude. Free time is better to devote to active games, walking, drawing, and other interesting activities.
5. Pay attention to nutrition. It should be balanced and take into account the child’s need for vitamins and minerals, proteins, and calcium.
6. Maintain an active lifestyle.
7. Ventilate the room more often.

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