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Offsite performance “The Sly Hedgehog”

Very soon, the children from the kids’ club will go to Puppet Theater named after S.V. Obraztsov. We will watch the story about how it is possible and necessary to stand up for yourself and your friends.

“The Sly Hedgehog” is a play show for the youngest – about how Hedgehog’s intellect and keenness help him save Little Goose from insidious Fox, and teach bad-tempered Hare politeness. Bright scenery – a green meadow with flowers in the summer forest – invites young audience with the main character girl Alenka to get acquainted with the forest inhabitants. Kind, charming puppets, an inspiring and dynamic plot of the story of Little Goose’s rescue and the sports contest between the short-legged Hedgehog and the champion in running – the boaster and strutter Hare.

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