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Eduard Kadyrov
Eduard Kadyrov
Guitar and ukulele teacher

Music is magic! This is what fills life with bright colors and indescribable feelings. I understood it when I was a child and when I decided to connect my life with music.

Having learned the basics of musical art at the Surgut Music College, becoming a laureate of international and national competitions and festivals, I began to give guitar lessons. In teaching I am guided by the basic principle: “You cannot make anybody love and learn music. You can only help each student find their individuality, their creative potential, have joy and pleasure from own ability to create a new beautiful world, making a harmonious melody from musical sounds”.

This principle let me conduct lessons in a playful way, guaranteeing high efficiency in mastering a musical instrument, and saves the pedagogical process from “coercion and coaching”.

Let your child feel her own power!

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