Ms Alina
Ms Alina
ART Teacher

Alina Chukova – an artist, an art teacher.

  • Education: Higher, Moscow City Pedagogical University, specialty is a social teacher with additional education in the field of psychology.
  • Professional requalification based on the program “Theory and Methods of Education of Preschool Children with Additional Training in the Field of Montessori Pedagogy”.
  • A graduate of the art school.
  • Regularly conducts art workshops with children of preschool and school age and with teachers of preschool groups and primary classes.
  • Regularly takes art therapy workshops. She took part in the Art Psychological Festival “Art Test Drive”.
  • She learns the right-brain drawing with children.
  • Over 8 years of experience in teaching.

Activity is many-sided development – and imagination, and perseverance, and fine motor skills, which is the harmonious development of all fields of the child. Learning something new, children give in return new vivid impressions and emotions, and most importantly, they give you experience that accumulates from year to year, answers to questions that arise in the process of working with my little friends are found.

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