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Ms Elena K.
Online English Teacher

If you are planning for one year sow rice
If you are planning for a decade plant trees
If you are planning for a lifetime educate people

Chinese proverb

In my first year as a student I realized that being a teacher is hard work, however my profession is not a burden for me, rather it is an opportunity to live in pure children’s world, which accepts you as you are and where you can be fully understood. It is a world of fairy tales and fantasy that I experience every day.While I am working in a kindergarten I cannot stop wondering how different,

interesting, smart and funny children are. Every child is unique; each of them is a talented artist or a thinking observer.

Our aim is to create real conditions where a child strives to be better. The main thing for me as a teacher is to lead children, to help them to become self-confident and to show them that it is really important what he or she does.

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