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Ms Eugenia
Pre-nursery Teacher

Chalyshkan Eugenia – a teacher of the nursery group. 

  • A graduate of the Moscow Psychological and Social University, Moscow.
  • Successfully completed the courses “Music and Dance in Kindergarten”, “Teacher of Russian as Foreign Language for Children”, “Theater in Preschool Education”, “I am a Child Psychologist”, “Art Classes with Elementary School Children”, “Fundamentals of Teaching Elementary School Children”.
  • Completed the author’s course of Oleg Leonkin “Natural Development of a Child from 0 to 10 Years: Sensory Systems, Neural Connections, Physical Activity and Speech Brain Centers.”

“Sometimes a child’s life can be changed by one teacher. Today, some children will come to school just for this teacher. Be this teacher. Every day”. This thought became my work motto.

The work of a teacher for me is filled with meaning and art, because it is in front of the teacher that the magical transformation of a little kid into a conscious and individual personality happens.

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