Ms Julia
Ms Julia
Music teacher

My name is Yuliya Smirnova and music is a fundamental part of my life, my coordinate system for being. It’s one of the most expressive languages in the world and singing is really natural process for young and old. After many years of being music teacher I’ve met all kinds of kids and I’ve made sure that music language resonates with everybody. The most important thing is to kindle child’s interest and give some space for outside the box thinking. 

I trust, that musical education solves a lot of problems at one stroke. It helps to understand yourself and the world around, feel all of emotions, develop fantasy, touch to treasures of world culture and history. 

I’m experienced with music concerts and sound recording and that background makes possible to open for preschoolers beautiful and multi-faced musical  universe.

My motto is “Never stop learning, increase your creativity and have love for your profession. In my opinion it’s a secret of successful teaching.

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