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Ms Tatiana R.
Ms Tatiana R.
Choreographer, PE Teacher

Remezova Tatiana – a choreographer, a general physical training coach.

  • A diplomaed specialist, a graduate of the Moscow Governorate College of Arts specializing in “folk art”, field of education: choreographic art “modern dance”.
  • An active dancer. Takes part in large-scale concerts of Russian performers, as well as advertising filming, programs, shows and music videos.
  • Dances such styles as modern, hip-hop, jazz, contemporary, classical dance, folk dance, and step.

Dance is not only a way to transfer emotions and feelings through movement, but also a chance to feel something beautiful – art. Dance charges with positive emotions, helps to tell your story. Being on stage, a dancer feels the warmth of the audience, an exchange of energy. I have been dancing since I was a child and cannot imagine myself without a scene. Teaching children to dance, I get closer to them, see the personality of each and try to show it.

Each child feels the world in his own way, and my task is to teach children to express these feelings in dance – to improvise, to try on some images. Children are like no other, and I help them do it through choreography.

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