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Татьяна Горунчик
Татьяна Горунчик
Семейный психолог

Gorunchik Tatyana Aleksandrovna – practical psychologist, educational psychologist, specialist in early development, certified art therapist, certified sand therapist, teacher of general and developmental psychology, speaker of International Academy of the Commonwealth of Educators and Psychologists, a coach of the educational courses in the field of psychology.


Tatyana Aleksandrovna is a unique specialist with more than twenty years of experience. She works with delayed speech development, mental retardation, fears and phobias, with high anxiety, with insufficient development of the cognitive sphere, namely with logical thinking, memory, imagination, attention, with children who have stuttering, obsessive movements, enuresis, with aggression and communication problems, hyperactivity disorder, attention deficit disorder, helps with difficulties in learning, with problems in parent-child relationships, she helps children in situations of parental divorce, works  with parents and children with ASD.


Due to Tatyana Aleksandrovna there are a huge number of happy children and parents. The schedule of the kids’ club includes group sessions with a psychologist aimed at socializing and adapting of a child, developing communication skills and teamwork skills.


You can get to Tatiana Aleksandrovna for an individual meeting by appointment in person or online.


Timely assistance from a specialist helps to avoid many difficulties in the early stages.

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