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BELAYASTUDIA. Choreographic studio by Ksenia Belaya

For kids from 2 years old.

Everyone who has kids knows how difficult it is to find a place and activity for their beloved child, which would be useful and interesting for the child, and besides, it is convenient and not expensive for parents. This season we have such an offer!

The technique used in the studio includes the development and strengthening of the entire muscle core: a  child will be taught to feel and control his body, they help him become harmonious and flexible. Choreography lessons develop musical talent, coordination, increase stretching, strengthen the muscles, its tone and health in general.

  • Schedule: Monday, Wednesday. Lesson time: 17.15-18.00 (4-5 years old), 18.15-19.00 (6-7 years old).
  • Age: from 2 years old
  • Group: up to 10 people
  • Cost: a trial lesson is free, a subscription for a calendar month (twice a week) costs 10,500 rubles, three times per week costs 13,000 rubles, only on Saturdays — 6500 rubles, a one-time lesson is 2,000 rubles
  • Cost: a trial lesson is free, a subscription for a calendar month costs 10,500 rubles, a one-time lesson is 2,000 rubles

One of the innovations introduced by the choreographic studio is an entrance for kids from 2 years old. Usually these classes begin at the age of 5, but Ksenia Belaya’s studio became the first in Moscow, where they teach chamber, perfectly developing classes special for 2 and 3 year-old kids. The methodology for teaching such young students was quickly developed and mastered, and for more than ten years, developing classes have been successfully conducted from a very young age, what lays the groundwork for future years.

Parterre (ballet) gymnastics. Strengthening health.

Parterre gymnastics is obligatory at any stage of ballet training. For children from 2 years old, gymnastics on the floor is an excellent preparation for serious lessons and is the basis for further classes at the ballet bar. Children get skills without which dance is impossible. A balanced work helps to harmoniously develop the physical qualities of a child and strengthens his immune system. In addition to gymnastic exercises, various dance styles with elements of choreography are used in the lessons.


Basic posture. Gently strengthening the muscles of the back while lying, sitting and standing. Professional trainers from the Ksenia Belaya’s choreographic studio will teach your child the ability to keep a properly straightened back for a certain period of time until it becomes a muscle memory and a graceful habit.


Parents gratefully notice that the child’s gestures have become more graceful and flexible compared to their peers who do not do ballet. With the help of special exercises, a child will be taught how to “hold” his hands, develop coordination, freedom and expressiveness of his hands, because the hands are the decoration of the dance.


A separate exercises routine is aimed at strengthening the muscles of the legs, Achilles, the ability to pull and develop the line of the foot. Many children, thanks to the program of the choreographic studio, get rid of clubfoot and flat feet.


The ability to listen, move and understand music, feel the rhythm is laid from the very first lessons of choreography. Special attention is paid to rhythm, which helps to feel the impulse of movement. When a child begins to understand music, it is easier for him to express his emotions and mood through movement. Through improvisation, we develop the imagination and remove the clamps from shy and closed children. Understanding and love for music endows the child with expressiveness, courage and open-mindedness.


At this stage of training, disciplinary skills, the ability to perceive information, be a responsible student and respect the teacher are laid. Children learn to complete tasks with accuracy and diligence. The teachers of the Ksenia Belaya’s choreographic studio teach them the discipline, without restricting the child’s inner freedom and realizing his creative potential. The classes help to better coordinate thoughts and actions, educate a gifted, hardworking, physically strong, creative person.

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