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Your child will learn to communicate fluently in English in conversational topics. The lessons are organized in such a way that a child learns English as a native language, grammar is perceived as an integral part of the language.

  • Schedule: Monday, Wednesday
  • Lesson time: 18.10 - 18.55
  • Age: from 4.5 years
  • Group: up to 10 people
  • Teacher: Daria Dmitrievna Belozerova. A graduate of Lomonosov Moscow State University, Foreign Languages and Regional Studies Department, the specialty is a linguist, intercultural communication specialist, teacher of English and French. She took a course on a grant from the French Embassy “Teaching French as a second foreign language” at Institut de Touraine. Enhancing Professional training at the Institute for the Study of Childhood, Family and Pedagogy of the Russian Academy of Education “Psychological and Pedagogical Aspects of Assessing the Quality of Preschool Education under the Federal State Educational Standard” Enhancing Professional training at Skyeng “English for New Generation Teachers”
  • Video surveillance: live broadcast
  • Cost: a trial lesson is free, a subscription for a calendar month is 10500 rubles, a single visit is 1500 rubles.

The lessons are conducted in a playful way, children learn vocabulary, communicate a lot, listen and sing songs, counting rhymes, perform art tasks, what develops communication skills and creative imagination. Special attention is paid to the culture of country, national functions.

Within the course, the child harmoniously develops all language abilities and skills: reading, writing, speaking and comprehending English speech.

Due to the lessons, a child can:

  • overcome the language barrier
  • create a solid base of the language fundamentals
  • develop verbal abilities, memory and imagination
  • unlock creative potential
  • learn to communicate in a group
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