Ms Rafferti
Ms Rafferti
Grade I Teacher

Dear Parents/Guardians,


My name is Ms Rafferti Vitlen and as a preschool teacher, I think I am lucky to have this job, as it has been an endless source of joy for me. I was educated at University of Toronto where I studied Business Administration and then later I majored in Linguists. In 2019 I earned a certificate in childcare – ABC programme and later that year a CELTA certificate. In 2020 I became certified in First Aid Help. Having worked with all age groups and prepared for Cambridge exams, I may say that my teaching methods create a caring yet academically strict environment. For me, teaching means embarking on an exciting journey. And every time, this journey challenges me and inspires me to move forward.

My work experience as an interpreter and a preschool teacher has started from 2018 and has given me a chance to work in Moscow, London and Bologna. In my previous role I worked with preschoolers who were going to enter international schools. My academic duties included preparing the children for the YLE Cambridge exam, instilling an academic rigour and most notably preparing to start school. Admittedly, the children took liking to my teaching methods, embracing daily homework routine and even taking on a role of a teacher at home teaching their younger siblings. In addition to the emotional and mental readiness required by the international schools, I also worked hard to ensure that the children would become academically independent and mature outside of the classroom. It took me months and elaborate strategies to instill in them the ability to do homework on their own. Finally, the sought-after results became apparent when my preschoolers would staple all their worksheets, which they had done on their own at home, and bring them back to demonstrate the result.

Luckily, my path has brought to the 5 Green English Preschool, which I find an excellent demonstration of an academic integrity and excellence. As such it will be my honour to teach your children. I appreciate your time for having read my letter of introduction and look forward to meeting you personally.