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Art Club“kARTinka”

During the art class, children study the volume and color of a subject, develop hand motor skills. In the class, children learn to speak, develop an artistic taste, and increase their knowledge of the world. Art helps children to develop and express themselves through creative activity.

  • Schedule: Tuesday, Thursday
  • Classes: 18.15-19.00 and 19.00-19.45
  • Age: from 4, 5 years
  • Group: up to 8 people
  • A professional artist works with children
  • Video surveillance: online
  • Price: a month membership card - 5000 rubles, one-time payment 750 rubles. / 45 min.

In the class children learn:

In the class at our art room, children learn to work in different techniques and with different materials. They study various art movements, such as folk art, paper-mache, drawing, modeling and painting, decoration, and complex applications.

Art activity is a natural way for a child to know the world, understand his place here and discover himself.

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