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The program of the kids’ club involves the initial stage of the process of studying the material through research in joint activities, as a child- a teacher. The study process covers all areas of the child’s development, starting from the subject, the method of study, and to the final result.

The program goals

The program goals are expressed in some characteristics that make the image of a successful person:

Research – program stimulates the natural curiosity of a child, his innate inquisitiveness. In the study process, he acquires the skills necessary for a constructive research of any problem. The child trains to like to learn.

  • Thinking – the child learns to think creatively, put into practice the skills acquired in the study process and solve complicated problems.
  • Communication – the child receives a large amount of information and learns to express ideas in several languages.
  • Confidence – the child doesn’t give up in unfamiliar situations, he is self-confident and accepts new ideas with interest.
  • Openness – in the study process, learning various proposed topics, the child acquires many-sided knowledge on many issues, learns to be fair and honest in relationships, gets acquainted with the main moral principles.
  • Empathy – the child can relate to the needs and feelings of others with understanding.

What we study

In the curriculum, we single out several aspects:

  • Ideas and concepts – material that children learn and repeat. Lessons are structured in such a way that they have interdisciplinary connections to simplify the study process. Using its, the teacher and the student carry out research activities.
  • Knowledge is what children get from a teacher. This is what the child learns in the study process and what remains with him as the basis for future studying at school.
  • Skills are the things that children should be able to do.
  • Relations – the basic values in communication between people.
  • Action – behavior in relation to adults and peers.

The Kids’ Club “5 GREEN” has excellent conditions for children of different ages. Our task is not only to entertain, but also to teach many simple and complicated things in a bilingual environment where the kid learns a lot of new and interesting things in English.

How we work

Kids’ Club “5 GREEN” gives all children the opportunity to freely learn English, because psychologists say for good reason that what is laid down in childhood is remained until the collapse of consciousness in old age. Any kid has a natural, biological desire to get new information. The memory of children of preschool and primary school age is very developed, the memorization of new information and its mastering occurs arbitrarily and very quickly. We make in our club a warm, trusting, friendly atmosphere, a developing environment where there are all the necessary conditions for understanding the world, discovering new talents and harmony of understanding between children and teachers.

The first half of the day is devoted to complete immersion in the English-speaking environment, what gives the opportunity to properly master the language. Daily classes, at least 4 hours a day, completely in English, this is 20 hours a week, and more than 100 hours of English a month! These are fascinating, fun activities with songs and poems, physical exercises and dances, theater performances and friendly gatherings. Every day, for every child, English becomes the second home language. The children not only understand, but also speak English, they take an active part in all the events and celebrations of the Kids’ Club, speak at the assembly, learn a lot of interesting things about the world, the planet’s ecology, geography and biology, make experiments, make common projects, and get acquainted with the numbers and letters of the English alphabet, learn to read, write and count. The second half of the day is devoted to immersion in the cultural and social environment, which has positive effect on the development process and opens up opportunities to improve many additional skills, such as art, music, choreography and physical training, speech therapy and chess.

Nursery 3-4 years old

Kids’ club for kids from 3 years old is the most favorable conditions for socialization, obtaining and forming different knowledge and skills. In our classes, all conditions for soft adaptation are provided. Due to the fact that all English classes for children 3-4 years old are conducted in a playful way, accompanied by bright, fun moments, positive mood, they feel a positive attitude, comfortable communication, what is very important in teaching young children.

Pre-kindergarten 4-5 years old

Children of 4-5 aged are extremely curious, they are always eager for new discoveries, knowledge, and perception of the world. It has a good effect on the perception of everything new and significantly helps in learning foreign languages.

Kindergarten 5-6 years old

At the age of 5, logical thinking begins to form, and the acquired skills are consolidated. The kid begins to properly express his thoughts and fully communicate with peers. The bilingual environment and many hours of regular communication in a foreign language produce amazing result. At this age, the child is eager for knowledge, and he only needs to be steered on the right course.

Grade I
Grade I 6-7 years old

This group is distinguished by a strong educational content; in this grade, children are preparing to enter schools and gymnasiums, not only in Russia, but also in the USA, Great Britain and Canada. Children of 6-7 years old learn English quickly and explore and use new knowledge in practice. Besides, they improve the grammar.

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