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Individual lessons with a speech therapist

If you work on speech defects from childhood, most of them can disappear in adulthood. That’s why, even as a preventive measure, your kid can be consulted by a speech therapist. The specialist will teach correct breathing and speech and pay attention to those aspects that should be developed. Our club has a professional speech therapist who works with different defects and with children of any age (who can speak).

  • Schedule: Monday, Wednesday, Friday by pre-appointment
  • Time: 45 minutes.
  • Age: from 3,5 years
  • Group: individual
  • Video surveillance: online, it’s possible for parents to present in the lesson
  • Cost: 1800 rub.

Besides the fact that regular classes with a speech therapist will help to correctly pronounce any sound, the child’s speech will be clearer and more correct. Vocabulary and hearing are also developing. The speech therapist works with children in the club and gives homework to train the material.

Come to us for individual lessons with a speech therapist – we focus on an individual approach. The result of your child is the most important task for us in each of the available educational directions.

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