Proved time and again that the sooner a child begins to learn, the better the process will go. The young memory is elastic, and a kid doesn’t need to take efforts to learn something new: she is in the period of life when it’s the easiest. But we at “5Green” want to not only give a child the information necessary for learning English, but also try to make the educational process as comfortable and natural as possible.

What is our philosophy? We believe that each child can learn English without any effort. The main thing is a rational approach and a bilingual environment where new words and linguistic constructions are given naturally and without additional efforts. In our club, children will not just learn, they will have a great time with other additional activities: dancing, drawing, music, chess or capoeira.

Key principles:

  • Comfort. We are sure that a child will learn effectively only when he likes this process. We promote a love of learning by scheduling and loading so that a child considers lessons as an entertainment, not a duty.
  • Professionalism. Not everyone who knows English can teach a child. Our team are not just real professionals, but also teachers who like children. Each of them knows the classical teaching methods and properly adapts its to the needs of a particular child.
  • Support. We understand that each child has his own learning speed. Besides the lessons, we always psychologically support each child. We provide with really comfortable and easy learning.

In order to put each of these principles into practice, we only recruit a professional team and constantly improve all the processes of teaching and development. Our graduates easily enter the best educational institutions and become successful there, because they like to study and do it well.

The success and comfort of your child is our main goal. Visit us and you see how the children study and make sure that your kid will achieve results with us!

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