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Summer program
Для детей от 3-х лет
for kids from 3 years
БЕЗ вступительного взноса
WITHOUT a registration fee
Гибкая система оплаты
flexible payment system
Группы полного дня
full day groups

The summer city camp based on the kids's club is a program in English for kids from 3 years old. The program includes thematic weeks when children do art, music, dance, and theater performances, read and listen to fairy tales, study the world around, carry out experiments, and just have fun and use their time profitably under the supervision of experienced, loving children teachers. And all of this is in English.

Summer at the English kids club is a great choice. Immersion in the English-speaking environment, psychological and logopedic support, studying and all-round development, love and care, acute supervision, more than 10 years of pedagogical work is what your kid will get. This summer will be joyful and fun!

What does the program include?
Уход и присмотр
Care and supervision

The children feel absolutely comfortable. We give the children love and care, help them adapt and make friends. We help them show themselves, find their strengths and select a comfortable studying rate for everyone.

Английский весь день
English all day

Children easily perceive English as a communication tool. All day in the club, they speak English, all the staff communicates with the kids and among themselves also in English.

Творческая мастерская
Art room

We pay particular attention to art activity. Children can show themselves through work with various materials and in different ways: designing, painting, articles, quilling, modeling, collages and others.

Окружающий мир
The world

Children study the world. We carry out many interesting experiments. We tell and show how the world around us works. We give many answers to children's “Why?”. We talk about how important it is to help the environment.

Экскурсии и праздники
Trips and Holidays

In Moscow, there are many interesting and amazing places that we visit with children during excursions. Museums, theaters, exhibitions, personal tours in English at the zoo, oceanarium, planetarium and many other interesting places. In addition, we arrange thematic holidays to broaden outlook, to have fun and get know the cultures of other countries.

Летние интенсивы
Summer intensive course

At the wish of a child and parents, we provide a tutor for individual training. A tutor can help your kid improve writing and reading skills, mathematic skills, prepare for school, or take the time to any other aspect that needs focus. Tutoring is available in Russian or English.

Flexible payment system: various visiting schedules.
Summer programs without a registration fee.
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