Do you know that in many US schools, chess is included in the compulsory school curriculum? No wonder, because this sport is considered one of the most effective ways to improve the mentality of the child, his logical thinking and wit.

  • Schedule: Monday, Wednesday
  • Classes: 18.10 - 18.55 (different ages group)
  • Age: from 4,5 years
  • Group: up to 10 people
  • Video surveillance: online
  • Cost: a trial class is free, a membership card for a calendar month is 5500 rubles, a one-time visit is 850 rubles.

In each chess game there are several cases scenario, and the player must think several moves ahead to foresee each of them. This is how strategic and logical thinking develops. Thinking for his opponent, the child develops emotional intelligence and wit. It is also important to understand the chess, like no other sport, increases the ability to self-decisions in a short time. It will help the child in real life to conquer his emotions and act reasonably and logically.

Lessons at “5Green” are conducted for children from 4 years old and are available at different times of the day. Look at the schedule and come to a trial class. You can play chess paying for each lesson, as well as by buying a membership card for a month.

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