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Piano and vocals

Individual piano and vocal classes for kids

This course helps to cope with some typical problems for many children. If you notice that your child is too shy, afraid to speak, or hardly shows emotions – the easiest way to deal with these difficulties through music! Repeatedly proven that vocals class in a playful way will help a kid to become more self-confident, free and open.

This course is for children from four and a half years old and is structured this way:

  • Firstly, we teach proper breathing, which is necessary not only for singing, but also will help in everyday life.
  • We work with voice, develop timbre and diapason. Also, during the course, the vocal apparatus and cords are strengthened (by the way, children attending this course are less likely to suffer from respiratory diseases).
  • Singing songs selected on the timbre and wishes of the child.
  • This course includes the acting basics what help better catch the spirit of the song and understand emotions.
  • Posing hands for playing the piano.
  • Studying musical notation, then – studying the repertoire of compositions, famous composers and their works.
  • Playing the piano and singing at the same time.
  • Schedule: individual, by agreement
  • Time: the duration of the class is about 45-60 minutes, depending on the age and level of a child
  • Age: from 4 years old
  • Group: individual
  • Video surveillance: online, it’s possible for parents to present in the lesson
  • Cost: a trial class - free, 1800 rubles for 45 minutes

The program looks complicated and intensive, but all the classes are made in such a way that for a child this is likely to be a bit of fun and play. A child will definitely want to return to the next lesson and will be pleased with the class, and you with the results!

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