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How to prepare the child for the fact that he will soon go to the club / kindergarten?

Train your child to the regime that is as close as possible to that which awaits him in a kindergarten or other institution where you want to send her. And even if simple things are difficult, don’t worry. For example, going toilet is difficult, then perhaps the child needs a team: looking at other children, the kid refuses diapers, and begins to use a pot. The same is for self-eating.

Besides, you should prepare your kid for an absolutely different schedule. Begin to familiarize your child with the future changes. Tell her that big kids go to kindergarten, take a walk through the territory of your future kindergarten or any other, show him how kids play there. If you have your photos of kindergarten age or adults and children familiar to the child, look at them together. Children like the stories of moms and dads about how they went to the kindergarten, when they were kids. It’s good if there is an opportunity to show the kindergarten itself, it can make a positive and bright impression on the kid. Tell him about new friends, games and toys awaiting him in the kindergarten.

Could you tell us about the walking?

We have some regular walking according to the daily schedule. During the walking we conduct games with children, according to their age (active, socio-dramatic, sports, etc.), physical exercises.

A group of children for a walk is accompanied by a teacher, teacher’s assistant and security. Children walk on a specially equipped playground.  The entire territory of “The Grand Park” residential complex is fenced and is under 24/7 surveillance. Entrance to the “The Grand Park” is limited by a barrier and allowed only by passes, which makes the walk even safer. Children go for a walk in special bright reflective jackets.

Many caring parents give their children additional clothes for walking (gloves, pants).

Do you recalculate the payment due to illness?

Parents and the club conclude a contract, which describes all cases of recalculation. A recalculation of 15% of the discount is provided under doctor’s certificate, if the child has been absent for more than 2 weeks. A recalculation of 80% of the discount is provided once a year, at the request of the parents, if the child has been absent for a month, for any reason.

Do your club have video surveillance to watch the video online?

Yes, it has, but you can watch the video only in the club.

In January, the club doesn’t work till the 9th day, but the payment is required for the full month, why?

The payment for the services of the kids’ club is calculated for the year and divided into equal parts. Parents (legal representatives) pay fee in equal parts during the period of the contract between the kids’ club and parents, regardless of the number of working days in a month. That is, you, in fact, don’t pay for January, but just pay a regular monthly fee as part of a fixed annual amount.

Kids of what age do you accept?

At the moment we accept children from 3 years old, for younger age we have Pre-nursery group, classes are held on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 10.00 to 13.00. 

Payment deadlines for the kindergarten?

Before admitting a child to the club, we concluded a contract between the club and parents (legal representatives), which describe all the details of the club’s work, including the payment deadlines and procedure.

Tell us about the period of adaptation, how long does it last?

Adaptation must be gradual. First, you come to a club for a few hours, giving your kid the opportunity to play with other children, and sit and watch your child. When the child gets used to the new team, leave him for a while, but warn him that you are going to leave, and tell the time when you plan to return. Since at this age the concept of “two hours” doesn’t mean anything to the child, say, for example, that you will pick her up after lunch, and fulfill the promise. Gradually, you can pick her up after dinner.

Adaptation in a new place can last from one to two weeks, depending on the character of the child. Some of the kids quickly get used to the new team and the environment, sometimes this process is delayed.

Full adaptation occurs after 2-3 months. The child’s adaptation to a kindergarten / club depends on her age, individual characteristics, relationships in the group and how you prepare him for a new period in life.

The child’s reaction to the first visits to the club  may be different – caprices, aggression, refusal to eat, sleep, go to the toilet. Sometimes this appears not in the first days. Great support for a child in a club can be provided by a familiar child. Even the favorite toy that the child will take with her can help overcome the fear of a new environment. Don’t worry if, after all your efforts, the child still cries in the club, your tenderness, love and patience will help her. Leaving the kid to the teacher, don’t show your emotions, but kiss him, say that you love him, tell when you come, and no matter how hard it’s for you, just leave. After your leaving, the child will digress and calm down. If the kid with great pleasure and interest begins to attend kindergarten, and after a while refuses to go there, find out the reason. Talk with the teacher and with the child, maybe the child was offended or the environment which had recently attracted, has became familiar and annoying. Then, together with the teacher, help the child, try to interest the kid again. In this difficult period, bear the feelings of the child with understanding.

The best age to send the child to the kindergarten?

The question of at what age it is better to send a child to kindergarten worries many parents. The answer is not so clear. Each child is a person with own temperament and character. Only parents can determine a child’s readiness for kindergarten by analyzing the behavior and character of the child. How your child will adapt to kindergarten depends on the rightness of your decision.

The best age of a child for kindergarten is 2 – 4 years old, because by this age children get the necessary skills to be in a team and be able to take care of themselves. That is, you can send your child to kindergarten when she can use the potty, eat, drink from a cup, at least partially dress and has an idea of rules of behavior – understand prohibitions, obey adults, and submit to discipline.

In addition to the skills necessary for a child’s comfortable stay in kindergarten, the psychological readiness of the child to be in a team is also important. Psychological readiness is understood as the child’s ability to communicate with other children, that is, to be able to share or exchange toys, not to take away toys from other children and not to fight with them.

Another important issue of a child’s readiness for kindergarten is the ability to leave a mother. Your task is to teach your child in advance that you can be absent. It takes different periods for each child to get comfortable in the children’s team and get used to the absence of a mother. If your child has all of the above skills, you can be sure – she is absolutely ready for kindergarten.

What time can I come to see the Club?

Any day before 12.30 or after 16.00. It is advisable to call in advance so that we will wait for you and prepare the necessary information.

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