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How to help your child organize an online lesson

A notice to help your child in online lessons.

It is important to wake up at least an hour before the online lesson starting. It helps the child concentrate as much as possible, be active and ready to perceive information.

Follow all the usual rituals: washing, breakfast, changing clothes from pajamas to casual clothes. Make sure the child goes to the toilet before the lesson so as not to be distracted during the lesson and stay focused.

Prepare the workplace – comfortable table and chair. Make sure that you have everything the child needs: pens, paper, colored pencils.

Toys must be removed, the TV must be turned off – extraneous sounds and objects distract and additionally load the mind of the child.

It is important the place where the child studies be silent. TV, music, extraneous noise and sounds are very distracting. It’s difficult for a child to concentrate, especially working in a group with many kids, and everyone hears everything that happens to others.

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