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How we did it

The first month of the online education ended with excellent results! It was an incredible experience and new impressions for all of us. We continue to do everything possible so that the educational process does not stop, the children continue to communicate with their beloved teachers and friends.

We completed the online training schedule, introduced additional private and group lessons, adapted the training program for Russian school and classes with a speech therapist for the online format.

The children continue to develop all-round, and the process continues to be interesting and informative.

The children have got a new skill – the ability to study on online platforms such as Zoom, Skype, Youtube, Flipgrid, Brightweel, Google Classroom. In the modern world, such a skill will be very relevant.

We hope that the children feel all the love that our team transfers to them through the screen. Thank you for your trust and for being with us!

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