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In May, the 5 GREEN Kids Club will continue the online training. This is a time when parents can get know all about their kids’ education.

Our young students perform a lot of tasks in accordance with the curriculum. Teachers use various applications and services for the design of materials and infographics, so that the educational process is interesting, bright and colorful.

For ease of adaptation to the new format, the Kids’ club has conducted ideal training schedules, from April, the children are being taught in accordance with the updated schedule.

How to help your child, advice to parents

  • draw up a schedule together with your child, include walks (if possible) and “do nothing” – the time when the child is left to his own devices
  • it’s better to take lessons at the desk in silence
  • don’t complete tasks instead of the child, it’s better to motivate him to look for answers on his own, to think, to use his imagination
  • it’s useful to alternate online training with reading books and completing art tasks – it will add variety to the educational routine
  • don’t panic if the child does not receive any knowledge – he/she will make up for everything, the main thing is to keep the educational rhythm and strike a right balance between study and rest while staying at home
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