Ms Sona
Ms Sona
Managing Director

We are entrusted with children’s souls! We must help them to find their place in this huge adult world. 

A child is like an empty vessel, and the task of the teacher is to reveal to him the beauty of the world, to awaken his interest for knowledge, discovery, teach him to interact with others, the environment, generate interest in geography, history, mathematics and other sciences.

To live in peace among the people, at first glance, is the simplest and most natural human destination, but on the other hand, it turns to be the most difficult mission. We live in a contradictory, unstable world and it requires a lot of effort.

I believe that the role of the teacher is to help children to overcome challenges, to teach them harmoniously interact with others, as the harmony with oneself and others allows the person to be independent from external problems, follow their own, unique way of life.

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