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Nowadays there is a huge amount of Internet resources that can make a child’s leisure interesting and informative. Its can attract interest and entertain him/her for the enforced self-isolation period:

– on-line tours in museums, for example, in Pushkin National Museum of Fine Arts. And all of this without waiting in line and  leaving home! Tours are held live on Zoom platform. The full schedule of excursions and registration on the museum website.

– The Russian State Children’s Library has developed an ambitious program of online events. The program includes some meetings with writers and artists, art workshops, interesting classes, reading children’s literary pieces. The program of online broadcasts is on the youtube channel.

– Permanent and temporary online exhibitions are on the website www.stayhome.moscow. The most significant exhibitions and other interesting places of the capital are published here: the State Darwin Museum, the Moscow Planetarium, the Moscow Zoo, the Tsaritsyno Museum-Reserve and much more.

– audio performances, old records in the Kids’s room in the application of Arzamas radio and on the website.

– Palamboo: coloring books, quests, mazes.

– On “Direct Speech” in “For Kids” section you can find lectures by the biologist, popularizer of science and journalist Ilya Kolmanovskii. He will tell the kids in an interesting and entertaining way about chemistry, the structure of the universe and will surely attract their interest to science.

– A huge collection of audio fairy tales and other performances for children awaits at storytel.com.

Quarantine period is a great opportunity to attract children interest to the wonderful world of literature, art and science. So don’t waste time – make maximum use.

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