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«5GREEN-Education» is a unique project that provides a smooth transition for a child from preschool to primary education. Our school promotes the development of psychological maturity, helps our students to take the social norms of school education without losing their individuality. We create a conducive environment for successful learning and high quality education.
Primary school is a tender, interesting and at the same time the most difficult period in the life of every child. Our mission is to develop the natural curiosity of a child, the flexibility of mind, the desire to be the best in everything, to develop a love for science, for self-education, to teach how to be yourself, accept others and not be afraid to make mistakes. You can be calm for your child, we take responsibility for the education, development, upbringing, comfort and mood of each child!

5GREEN English Education club is a modern format for teaching a child from 7 to 11 years old.

We offer an individual approach to each child, taking into account their needs and interests.

Why do parents trust us?

Our children’s club employs highly qualified specialists who closely monitor the development of each child and are ready at any time to help them cope with difficulties.

We place special emphasis on learning, scientific thinking and self-education, which gives our graduates a significant advantage over their peers. Our goal is to invest in your child all the necessary knowledge and skills for successful adaptation at school and later in life.

Parents can be sure of quality education, comfort and safety of their children in 5GREEN English Education club.

We combine the advantages of family education and traditional school in our club.

  • Small groups of 8-10 people
  • We don't have a mark, the child is learning criteria-based assessment
  • No homework, briefcases and school uniforms
  • Optimized daily schedule
  • Creating an educational environment and conditions for the development of thinking, choice, responsibility
  • Great learning motivation
  • Strengthened English with native speakers
  • Additional electives
  • Socialization; self-training; walk, extended work day
  • Security (closed territory, video surveillance)
  • Further admission to the 5th grade of any school
  • Accompanying specialists: psychologist, neuropsychologist, speech therapist, tutor

Our values


Be honest with yourself and others


Be responsible for your words and actions


Combining efforts to achieve common goals leads to high results


Behavior, appearance, lifestyle, our achievements form the overall impression and self-esteem

Study program

  • FSES (federal state educational standard) primary general education
  • British English Language Program
  • Singapore method of teaching
  • Program of developmental education by D.B. Elkolin-Davydov
  • eduScrum methodology - learning organization


  • 8:30 - Welcome
  • 9:00 - Learning block
  • 10:30 - Fruit breakfast
  • 12:00 - Walk
  • 13:00 - Lunch
  • 14:00 - II part of training
  • 15:30 - Self-training
  • 16:30 - Tea time
  • 17:00 - Additional classes, workshops
  • 18:00 - Home

Daily schedule


1 Training block




2 Training block


Self-training / sections

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