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Clay Play & PotteryClub

Join our new edutainment activities where kids create, learn, and experiment with clay. It is a great opportunity to interact with unique natural material under professional guidance from ceramic artist in comfortable English-speaking environment. Our classes will include elements of play, team work, individual modeling projects, art therapy, and learning about environment.

  • Schedule: Wednesday
  • TIME: 12.15 – age 4+, 13.00 and 14.00 – age 5, 5+
  • Age: from 4,5 years
  • Group: up to 6-7 people
  • Anna Tolstaya, founder of Kom Pottery Studio, concept developer of kOm Clay School, author of additional educational programs in ceramics for children, Master of Arts in Liberal Studies, Dartmouth College, USA.
  • Video surveillance: online
  • Cost: a trial class is free, a one-time visit is 1500 rubles
  • It’s important: Classes are held in English

ClayPlay for children from 4-years-old. We create heroes and worlds they live in, fairy tales, stories, and daily situations. We wedge, roll, press in, nip off, model and discuss what is happening with clay. In joyful and playful interaction with clay kids develop motoric skills, imagination, apprehend connections, learn to communicate, and get empowered while experimenting in open and safe creative atmosphere. 

Duration of ClayPlay is around 45 minutes. One small clay object will be kiln fired and returned within 2 weeks. Materials, instruments, aprons, and firings are included.

Our ClayPlay activities will be based upon favourite Russian tales, stories by Doctor Seuss, Eric Carle, Maurice Sendak, Julia Donaldson, and such topics as Monster Marvel Whale, Dinosaurs, Town, Market, Big Feast, Gardening, Sea of Clay and others.

Pottery club is for children from 6 years old. We will discuss how clay becomes ceramics, understand how these materials are used in our daily activities, practice different modeling techniques: coils, slabs, pinching, potter’s wheel, get empowered, and create beautiful and functional ceramic objects

Duration of Pottery club class is around 45 minutes. All created clay objects will be kiln fired and returned within 2 weeks. Materials, instruments, aprons, firings are included.

We welcome your kids to play with clay, create pottery and develop with joy in our ClayPlay and Pottery Club activities.


What is the dress code?

Clothes should be simple and comfortable, better with short sleeves or possibility to pull up the sleeves.

Do you have aprons?

Yes, we have aprons however they don’t always save our clothes from clay. However, clay is not dirt, be positive about it, clay on our clothes means we get involved in the process and work hard. Fresh clay stains are easily removed with regular detergent))

When ceramic pieces are ready?

We need at least 14 days to dry, fire, glaze ceramics, and fire again. We discuss technology with kids during the classes for then to understand and have patience.

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