How to determine the psychological maturity of a child and be sure that at 6, 7 or 8 years old, a child is really ready to learn and cope with school?

The indicator of a child’s psychological readiness for school, or school maturity, makes it possible to predict how successfully a first-grader will study. Will the child be confident enough in himself and will he not lose interest in learning.

  • Schedule: Tuesday, Friday
  • Time: 18.10 - 18.55
  • Age: from 5 years old (preschoolers and primary school age)
  • Group: up 10 people
  • Price: trial lesson — free of charge, 1800 r / one-time visit, 12500 r / subscription for a calendar month. Preliminary consultation with a specialist - free of charge
Lessons include 
✍ neurodynamic gymnastics
✍ Improving Emotional Intelligence
✍ development of volitional qualities and self-control
✍ development of logical reasoning
✍ improved auditory attention
✍ development of logical thinking
✍ fine motor skills development
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